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Smart, city-savvy and fun, CityDog brings the joys of life with our four-legged friends to dog lovers throughout the world. Page updated/maintained by CityDog founder Brandie Ahlgren.

Website URL: E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it is the internet's number one resource for buying, selling, and renting timeshare units worldwide. We feature dozens of listings at pet-friendly resorts such as the Sea Mist Resort in Maine, Inn at Silvercreek in Colorado, and Banff Rocky Mountain Resort in Banff.

New! Evergreen Collar {Washington}   New! City of Roses Collar {Oregon}
When you purchase this collar, we will donate a portion of the sale to Orca Conservancy to support southern resident orca recovery in the Pacific Northwest. Click here...   When you purchase this collar, we will donate a portion of the sale to Oregon Humane Society to support 150 years of rescuing abused and neglected animals. Click here...
No more “Stinky” potty pads! No more late night walks! Your dog’s potty solution is as easy as opening your door. Simply open your patio/balcony door and let your dog out.
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