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I am a dog trainer and behavior consultant in the Seattle area with a focus on deaf dogs and bully breeds. I hold a CCS from the Seattle School of Canine Studies, am a graduate of Companion Animal Science Institute, am certified in Pet CPR, and a member of APDT and AABP. I'm the proud mama of Sir Jack Pinkerton, a 6 year old deaf APBT who has his UCD and CGC, has been titled as a therapy dog, is working towards his Rally-O title, and a rockstar skateboarding dog.

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Stormi Parish
Stormi Parish
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Jack Pinkerton
Breed:American Pit Bull Terrier
Favorite Toy:stick, kongs, wubba
Personality:Jack Pinkerton is a pretty typical happy-go-lucky pit bull. He's congenitally deaf, but that's never stop him any! He loves to swim, play ball, skateboard, and run the occasional agility course or play with his dog buddies. He lives with 3 cats who enjoy snuggling up with him on the couch or bean bag. He's earned a UCD obedience title and his AKC Canine Good Citizen award, and was titled as a therapy dog until TDI made the unfortunate choice to remove deaf dogs from their program. He's trained for rally obedience and dabbles in agility, and is learning to play the bongos.
LikesSun, swimming, sprawling out for a good nap, running the agility course, learning new goofy tricks, soccer balls, walks in the park or around the neighborhood, work-to-eat puzzles such as the bob-a-lot or his kongs, bacon, bacon, bacon, and sticks. Sticks are his ultimate favorite thing.
Dislikes:mornings. He is not a morning guy.

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