The Bottlehouse

The Bottlehouse

Perched on top of Madrona’s urban winery, Wilridge, The Bottlehouse, is a tastefully restored bungalow turned wine bar extravaganza.
Written by Laura Nevell | Photography by Julie Clegg | Click on images to enlarge
The perfect addition to Madrona’s multi-faceted landscape, co-owners Soni Davé (pictured above) and Henri Schock offer a unique wine tasting experience at The Bottlehouse. The interior architecture is best described as “vintage industrial,” with 85% of the furnishings and fixtures re-salvaged or recycled.

In the shop room, bottles are creatively displayed for purchase in open antique dresser drawers or hung from wire baskets. The tasting room is cozy and inviting, combining glass, metal and wood into an intimate setting to gather with friends. Artwork is displayed on the walls and available for purchase, further enhancing the ambiance of the place. Close to 75% of The Bottlehouse’s wines are from the Pacific Northwest, the rest are non-domestic, small production artisan wines.

Wine novices need not feel intimidated as there isn’t an air of pretension to be found. Soni and Henri have a vast amount of knowledge on all things wine but share their expertise in a genuinely relaxed way. As a complement to their earth friendly efforts, The Bottlehouse offers “Wine Growlers,” take-home bottles customers can return for a refill at a discounted price. And if you’re in the mood for something other than wine, they also serve beer and ciders. The menu items range from lite fare such as cheese and charcuterie boards to sandwiches and savory pies. Kids of all ages will enjoy the sweet menu including root beer floats and assorted ice creams. And of course treats for the pooch. And, speaking of...

If you prefer (or don’t mind) an outdoor tasting, visit the dog-friendly deck, draped in hanging grape vines and white lights creating a vineyard style landscape. There’s ample seating on the recycled furniture as well as heat lamps for year round enjoyment. Local artists entertain with live music on Friday nights and The Bottlehouse offers $5 pours during happy hour (starting at 5 p.m.).

The setting, whether indoor, outdoor or a combination of the two, also makes a great venue for hosting private parties or receptions. An experience at The Bottlehouse is much more than just wine tasting. The friendly staff, refreshingly comfortable surroundings and the opportunity to sip and socialize with your dog, makes The Bottlehouse feel a lot more like home.

The Bottlehouse
1416 34th Avenue, Seattle, WA 98122
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