Rental 101: Pet Agreements

Rental 101: Pet Agreements

Yes, your pooch is considered another tenant—which means you have to read and sign a pet contract for her too!
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For the basics, a pet agreement refers to a rental contract for your dog, specifically. This provides all the rules and regulations that you and Fido should follow as both of you start to live in the property.

Why Should You Sign a Pet Agreement?

In a nutshell, there's a slim chance that you'll get to live with your dog unless you sign a pet agreement. This guarantees your landlord that you're willing to take full responsibility for your dog's actions.

What Should be Included in a Pet Agreement?

A rental contract for your pet should include rules and regulations, together with a few restrictions. Some landlords would restrict their tenants to a number of pets living in the area, or what dog breed is only allowed on the property.
If the shoe doesn't fit, you can come up with a negotiation. Both of you can meet halfway as you start a new life in a new home together with your dog. If some things can't work out, we suggest you look for another property.

We don't want Fido out! Above all else, your dog's welfare should be your utmost concern.

Signed Pet Agreement: Now, What's Next?

The pet rental contract also includes payment terms. This is where you'll become familiar with extra fees and charges such as pet deposits and pet rental payments.

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As you search for pet-friendly apartments in Seattle (and surrounding areas) prepare to sign a pet agreement. Since your furry pal is already considered a member of the family, she's a tenant too.
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