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Rescued Pup Too Scared to Look at People

Imagine a world where every puppy is showered with love and lives a joyful life. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

As companions to these loyal four-legged creatures, it’s our duty to ensure they lead happy and fulfilling lives.


Sadly, some dog owners are not as kind to their pets.

Instead of offering their dogs affection and treats, they cause them distress and even put them in harm’s way.

This story is about a puppy named Suka, one of those innocent little dogs who suffered mistreatment and abuse from her owner, the very person who should have been her protector.

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Suka, like all dogs, had faith in her owner. She thought he was a good person who would always treat her well.

Sadly, her faith was shattered when he heartlessly tied her to a motorcycle and dragged her down the street.

This horrifying event left Suka trembling in fear.

After this abuse, Suka no longer trusted people.

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Suka was lucky to be found by some kind-hearted people who quickly came to her aid.

They took her to a veterinary clinic where her journey to recovery started. At the clinic, the staff gave her a soothing bath and treated her with lots of love and care.

Photo Credit via Youtube

As Suka gradually got better, she was moved to a shelter where the staff warmly received her.

Initially, Suka was frightened and wary, but she soon started to trust people again.

She expressed her love by gently placing her paw in their hands, her eyes filled with warmth and trust.

The shelter staff were instrumental in rebuilding her confidence.

Phtoto Credit via Youtube

At the shelter, Suka’s true nature started to shine. She turned into a joyful and lively dog, loving every moment of playtime. Those around her were amazed by her strength and her capacity to move beyond her difficult history.

Photo Credit via Youtube

Suka’s story has a heartwarming conclusion.

A lovely family noticed her and instantly fell in love. They promised to care for her and keep her safe forever.

I’m happy that Suka found a caring family who gave her the affection she had missed before.

May Suka’s story inspire us all to be guardians and companions to our loyal pets.

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