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Shelter Dog Waits a Year for a Home, Still Hopeful for Adoption

Each day, dogs in shelters hope to find a loving family and a new home.

With longing eyes, they sit in their kennels, dreaming of winning over the hearts of people who visit. Puppies usually get adopted quickly, but older dogs often get overlooked.


Annie, a seven-year-old dog, knows the pain of being passed by every time visitors come. She dreams of someone choosing her and loving her forever. 

Annie wants to hug her new family tightly and show them her love. All she needs is a chance.

Annie has spent a year at the Mendocino Coast Humane Society in Fort Bragg, California, after being transferred from Mendocino County Animal Care Services. The noisy shelter environment has made her feel stressed and anxious.

Photo Credit via Instagram

However, when the shelter staff gives her attention, she transforms. Her adorable face lights up, her eyes fill with appreciation, and she wags her tail happily.

Annie is a very affectionate dog. She expresses her gratitude by kissing the hands of the staff who cuddle her.

The shelter staff is baffled that no potential adopter has fallen in love with her yet. 

They find it heartbreaking to see Annie’s disappointment when other dogs get adopted, leaving her behind. 

Photo Credit via Instagram

They have posted pleas on social media, hoping to find her a home.

“Adopt Annie! This newly seven-year-old large mixed breed is seventy pounds of pure love…,” the staff wrote in a Facebook post. They hope their loving girl will find a great family who will make her the happiest pup on the planet. 

Annie needs an adopter who will continue her vet visits, as she has a chronic eye issue and dental disease due to her age.

Photo Credit via Instagram

The shelter also posted a video on Instagram showing Annie smiling with eyes full of hope. 

Despite the long time she has spent in the shelter, she continues to dream of finding her happily-ever-after.

With all my heart, I hope that Annie will soon leave the shelter and find her loving forever family. 

This affectionate girl deserves to be showered with love and to experience how wonderful life can be outside the shelter.

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