Be Thankful for the Furry Friends in Your Life

Dog in Turkey Thanksgiving Hat

Thanksgiving comes early this year (November 23rd) and there is much to be grateful for, starting with the love of friends and family, two- and four-legged alike. To ensure this holiday season is happy and healthy for all, here are some tips from our friends at Best Friends Animal Society. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Reddit Email […]

Pumpkin Palooza: Can Dogs Eat Pumpkin Guts, Seeds and Spice?

Can dogs eat pumpkin?

As we dive into the spirited season, our homes often brim with pumpkin decorations, treats, and delicious aromas. If you’re like me, as you’re scooping out a fresh pumpkin or sipping that pumpkin spice latte, you’ve probably cast a glance at your furry friend and wondered, “Can they join us on this pumpkin palooza?” Facebook […]

Unlocking the Mystery of Dog Dementia: Signs, Triggers, and Hopeful Treatments

Signs Your Dog May Have Dog Dementia

Have you noticed strange behaviors in your older furry friends and suspect they may have dog dementia? Has Fido been getting lost in the house? Have you found him sitting there, staring at the wall? Does he seem to randomly forget his house training after going years without an accident? Facebook Twitter Pinterest Reddit Email […]

Unleash the Power of Touch: The Magic of Dog Massage

The Benefits of Dog Massage

The idea of scheduling a massage for your dog may seem luxurious, even frivolous. Yet those who have experienced it will agree that massage can be a valuable tool in managing a pet’s health and well-being. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Reddit Email Doggone Deal: Shop your favorite dog food brands and get 35% off your first […]

Seasonal Allergies and Dogs

Allergies and Dogs

While the cold weather and snow may not make it feel like spring is on its way, it doesn’t mean that flowers haven’t already started blooming. But, just like us humans, our canine companions can suffer from seasonal allergies. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Reddit Email Although allergy symptoms display differently in dogs, they often have the […]

Five Foods to Avoid Feeding Your Dog

Festive Foods

Whether you like gifting your dog their own wrapped-up presents, dressing them up in a cute festive bow tie or preparing them their own Christmas dinner, if your four-legged friend is having a good time, you’re having a good time. However, with the wrong food, it can be “party’s over” for your pooch. Here are […]

Best Flea Prevention Products for Dogs

Best Flea Prevention

Harmful parasites such as fleas and ticks are unwelcome, invading Fido’s skin, coat and even your home. Save your canine companion from itchiness and possible health risk with these best flea prevention products. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Reddit All products are independently curated by our CityDog editors. However, when you buy something through our links, we […]