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For the Love of Dogs and Baseball

Backyard barbecues, ice cold beer, baseball and our best friends by our side – what better way to spend the summer than enjoying all of the above? But, when you’re a major league player, it’s all about baseball – except if you’re Mariners shortstop JP Crawford, then it’s also about his best friends Loki and Thor.


CityDog Magazine recently had the opportunity to talk with JP and his fiancé Kathy about life with the two huskies and finding time to enjoy all that the Northwest has to offer.

CityDog: How old are Loki and Thor and are they related?

JP: Loki and Thor are brothers; they recently turned eight years old this July. We’ve had them since the day they were born, literally. Kathy helped with the delivery of all nine puppies…it felt never ending!

CityDog: Are Loki and Thor your first dogs?

JP: Technically Loki was my first dog since I knew he was the one as soon as I saw him – but, then Thor came along and well the rest is history. Two huskies seem like a lot to handle as your first dogs, but they balance each other out. They are yin and yang.

Kathy: My family never owned a dog while growing up either, but then one day my brother decided to come home with not one, but two huskies! Alakai and Alaina are Loki and Thor’s parents and they live with my family in California. But, that’s not all! Blue, Loki and Thor’s litter mate and Diego (Blue’s offspring) are with JP’s parents. It’s a big party when all six get together in the off-season and because they are all part of the same pack, they can go months without seeing each other and pick up right where they left off.

CityDog: Baseball season is grueling. How do you like to spend your off time with Loki and Thor?

JP: We enjoy doing a lot of things together on my time off, may it be a long hike or a long nap. I know I can count on them for both!

Kathy: When JP is on the road, Loki and Thor spend most of their time napping. They’re at that age when they need to be encouraged to be active, especially Loki. However, they are always up for a Facetime call with JP and they even recognize his voice!

CityDog: During the off-season, what are some of the things you like to do with Loki and Thor?

JP: We live in Arizona during the off-season and enjoy getting out on hikes.

CityDog: What would you like readers to know about the breed?

Kathy: Not all huskies are the same – just like us humans, they have their own, distinct personalities. Loki and Thor are complete opposites, but they balance each other out. Thor brings excitement to Loki and Loki calms Thor down. It’s been that way since they were litter mates.

It’s worth noting, huskies do require a lot of T.L.C. (time, love and care). The amount of time you put into training really pays off in the long run, as they are always eager to learn new things.

CityDog: We know NW Snowdog Rescue is near and dear to your heart and you’ve helped raise money for the organization, but speaking of snow, do Loki and Thor like the snow?

JP: Loki and Thor really enjoy the snow, even eating it! This past off-season we made a trip up to Sedona, where they got to play in the snow – it was such a great experience!

CityDog: Where is your favorite place to hang out with Loki and Thor?

JP: Our favorite spot to go explore with Loki and Thor would be Discovery Park in Seattle. You can hike various trails and have such a great, diverse experience on each one.

CityDog: We have to ask. Are Loki and Thor Mariners fans?

Kathy: Loki and Thor are indeed Mariners fans! They watch every game from the comfort of their own couch, cheering on #3!

To learn more about NW Snowdog Rescue, click here.

Thank you JP and Kathy for welcoming us into your home and sharing with us about Loki and Thor!

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